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Book Chapter Routledge Handbook to Alternative Futurisms Edited by Grace Dillon, Isiah Lavender III, Taryne Jade Taylor, and Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay. Alternative Futurisms can be thought of as one response to the self-conscious, perplexed state of mind that confronts many discussions of race, gender, nations, and social justice today, especially those that grow from traditional “first contact” scenarios between Indigenous peoples and invading Empires. Naturally, realizing a difference in attitude between a now and a then leads one to question pasts, to expose presents, and to imagine futures. This handbook explores visions of our possible futures arising from non-Western cultures and ethnic histories that disrupt the “imperial gaze.” Alternative Futurisms takes back the narrative, discards the imperial gaze, and replaces it with a vision of the authentic experiences of people who historically have survived domination and conquest as told and retold from those lived experiences. In this respect, the collection will survey the origins and proliferation of Alternative Futurisms texts, to include print, online, film, games, television, comics, graphic novels, poems, plays: in short, any of the myriad genres that artists working within the Alternative Futurisms aesthetic experiment with. Alternative Futurisms is global in reach, and thus represents a solid opportunity to survey the similarities and variations in how artists enact the movement. Yes 2020.05.01 Learn More
Journal Articles Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research is a peer-reviewed academic journal published online twice a year. Fafnir is a publication of The Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research (FINFAR). Fafnir publishes various texts ranging from peer-reviewed research articles to short overviews and book reviews in the field of science fiction and fantasy research. Yes Open-ended Learn More
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Routledge book series co-edited by Taryne Jade Taylor and Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay. We are looking for monographs and edited collections on all varieties of genre literature, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, detective fiction, thrillers, graphic novels, and other emergent genres. To discuss a possible proposal, contact us via facebook or email.

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