Science Fiction Library & Archives


CoFUTURES projects have access to the science fiction collections at the Science Library, University of Oslo. The SF collection librarians are part of the core group of CoFUTURES, including for the development of the IDEAWEB. CoFUTURES is also building an open-access digital repository of Norwegian language SF magazines.


Public Access

The SF Collection is the largest publicly accessible/open collection of SF (literature + media) in the Nordic countries.

Thinking with Science

Housed within the Science Library at UiO, the collection connects with the natural science collection as well as the history of science collection.

Science and Science Fiction

The principal focus of the collection is to link scientific thinking and speculative science fictional thinking, and to inspire interdisciplinary research.

The Science Fiction Sandbox

The collection is meant to encourage flexible "out-of-the-box" thinking for problem identification and problem solving using SF materials.


The SF collections will serve as the principal base for the design and development of the IDEAWEB.

Norwegian/Nordic SF Archive

The SF collection also houses copies of Norwegian and Nordic language SF, including books, magazines, fanzines, and ephemera.