Virtual Worlds

The Virtual Worlds Working Group (VirWor) explores the theory, history, and development of virtual environments. Its goal is to understand the potential of virtual environments in creating possible worlds.

The data is 1s and 0s. Life is the jazz.

Datajack Sinder Roze, "Infobop".

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri : Alien Crossfire/SMACX, 1999

Theories and Histories of the Virtual

ERC / CoF:CoFutures / VirWor1

This VirWor task set explores the history of virtual environments, and theoretical and philosophical principles underlying virtual worldbuilding.

Virtual Environments and Speculative Futures

ERC / CoF:CoFutures / VirWor2

This VirWor task set explores how futures are visualized in virtual environments, and asks: what kinds of futures is it possible to imagine?

Re:Imagining Speculative Technologies

ERC / CoF:CoFutures / VirWor3

This VirWor task set explores how games imagine or reimagine future technologies, especially within postapocalyptic or ruined landscapes.

Gameworlds and Possible Words

ERC / CoF:CoFutures / VirWor4

This VirWor task set explores the societal impact of videogames, especially their role in creating sustainable visions of the future.